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Panel (Day 2, Session 8)

Title: Security and privacy in the networked world
Moderator: Jaideep Vaidya
Panelists: TBA

Given the recent Snowden disclosures regarding global surveillence, it is clear that massive amounts of data regarding both individuals and organizations is routinely intercepted by government agencies. Apart from government surveillance, we are also under attack by cyber criminals. As the recent Target and Neiman Marcus breaches show,  even large organizations are not safe today from cyber-criminals and insiders. Given the degree to which the government is monitoring individuals as well as organizations, as well as the rise of sophisticated cyber armies such as the Syrian Electronic Army, PLA Unit 61398, Russian Business Network, do we have any hope of privacy/security? At the same time, increased connectivity and big data technologies enable collection and analysis of data at all levels within and outside the enterprise. This enables sophisticated enterprise level defense and even forensics.  As such, security administrators have access to more tools and technologies than ever before. Given these contrasting trends, are we actually safer or is privacy and security ephemeral in the networked world?

During this panel, we will ask the panelists and participants to give their opinion/perspective of: 

1. What technologies and standards have proven to be not that useful from the perspective of safeguarding security?

2. What new technologies hold the most promise from the perspective of safeguarding security?

3. What other fields should we look to for inspiration?

4. What is the right mix of policy, technology, and legal recourses to minimize loss?