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12 Secure and Efficient Proof of Storage with Deduplication Qingji Zheng; Shouhuai Xu
64 Full
12 A General Information Theoretic Privacy and Utility Metric for Data Sanitization Mechanisms Mina Askari; Reihaneh Safavi-Naini; Ken Barker
91 Full
12 Practical Oblivious Storage Michael Goodrich; Michael Mitzenmacher;
Olga Ohrimenko; Roberto Tamassia
99 Full
12 Detecting Repackaged Smartphone Applications in Third-Party Android Marketplaces Wu Zhou; Yajin Zhou; Xuxian Jiang; Peng Ning
105 Full
12  SWIPE: Minimizing the Memory Footprint of Sensitive Data in Large Scale Systems Software Kalpana Gondi; Prithvi Bisht; Praveen Venkatachari;
APrasad Sistla; Venkat Venkatakrishnan
95 Full
12 Protecting Health Information on Mobile Devices Musheer Ahmed; Mustaque Ahamad
90 Full
12 Stalking Online: on User Privacy in Social Networks Yuhao Yang; Jonathan Lutes; Fengjun Li; Bo Luo; Peng Liu
27 Full
12 Risk-Based Security Decisions Under Uncertainty Ian Molloy; Luke Dickens; Charles Morisset;
Pau-Chen Cheng; Jorge Lobo; Alessandra Russo
47 Full
12 Quantitative Access Control with Partially-Observable Markov Decision Processes Fabio Martinelli; Charles Morisset
75 Full
12 SENTINEL: Securing Database From Logic Flaws in Web Applications Xiaowei Li; Wei Yan; Yuan Xue
78 Full
12 Privacy Analysis using Ontologies Martin Kost; Johann-Christoph Freytag
115 Full
12 Leakage-Free Redactable Signatures Ashish Kundu; Mikhail Atallah; Elisa Bertino
58 Full
12 Comparison-Based Encryption for Fine-grained Access Control in Clouds Yan Zhu; Hongxin Hu; Gail-Joon Ahn; Mengyang Yu
71 Full
12 Measuring Query Privacy in Location-Based Services Xihui Chen; Jun Pang
88 Full
12 Discovering Access-Control Misconfigurations: New Approaches and Evaluation Methodologies Lujo Bauer; Yuan Liang; Mike Reiter; Chad Spensky
66 Full
12 Practical Specification and Enforcement of Obligations in Access Control Ninghui Li; Haining Chen; Elisa Bertino
100 Full
12 Revisiting Link Privacy in Social Networks Suhendry Effendy; Felix Halim; Roland Yap
55 Full
12 Privacy Streamliner: Decoupling Privacy Preservation from Utility
Optimization for Improving Algorithm Efficiency
Wen Ming Liu; Lingyu Wang
89 Full
12 Role Engineering: From Theory to Practice Vijay Atluri; Alessandro Colantonio;
Jaideep Vaidya; Nino Vincenzo Verde
104 Full
12 Deriving Implementation-level Policies for Usage Control Enforcement Prachi Kumari; Alexander Pretschner
73 Full
12 S2A: Secure Smart Household Appliances Yuxin Chen; Bo Luo
56 Short paper 8 Relationship-Based Access Control: Its Expression and Enforcement Through Hybrid Logic Glenn Bruns; Philip W. L. Fong; Michael Huth; Ida Siahaan 
107 Short paper 8 SAT-based Checking of RBAC User Authorization Queries: Pushing the Envelope Alessandro Armando; Fatih Turkmen; Silvio Ranise; Bruno Crispo
108 Short paper 8 Bounding Trust in Reputation Systems with Incomplete Information Xi Gong; Ting Yu; Adam Lee
67 Short paper 8 The Privacy in the Time of the Internet: Secrecy vs Transparency Murillo Pontual; Andreas Gampe; Omar Chowdhury;
Bazoumana Kone; Md. Shamim Ashik; William Winsborough
51 Short paper 8 A Model-Theoretic Approach to Data Anonymity and Inference Control Konstantine Arkoudas; Akshay Vashist
84 Short paper 8 Towards End-to-End Secure Content Storage and Delivery with Public Cloud Huijun Xiong; Xinwen Zhang; Wei Zhu; Danfeng Yao
85 Short paper 8 Cookie based privacy issues on Google Search Vincent  Toubiana; Vincent Verdot
83 Short paper 8 SecDS : A Secure EPC Discovery Services System in EPCglobal Network Jie Shi; Darren Sim; Yingjiu Li; Robert Deng
80 Short paper 8 Refinement-based Design of a Group-Centric Secure Information Sharing Model Wanying Zhao; Jianwei Niu; William Winsborough