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Panel: Research Agenda for Data and Application Security

Panel Chair
X. Sean Wang University of Vermont [slides]

Mauro Conti Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [slides]
Calton Pu Georgia Tech [slides]
Ravi Sandhu UTSA
Dan Thomsen Sandia [slides]
Bhavani Thuraisingham UTDallas [slides]

Panel Summary

Data and application security is traditionally viewed as a subfield of cybersecurity. The goal is still the same, namely to provide trustworthy computing infrastructure. However, in data and application security, we are dealing with the infrastructural aspects that are closer to humans, their interactions with the system, their perceptions, and their values. Data should not be treated as just bits, but as semantically rich content. Hence, securing data may be different from securing bits. Application software is much more diverse than system software, often directly responding to particular end-user needs. Hence, usability of security may be of more importance. The above may be just a small sample of the uniqueness of data and application security. What else? What particular research agenda does this uniqueness call for? What about research methodologies? With the above questions in mind, this panel will bring 4-5 panelists to discuss their experiences and their views of future research directions in data and application security.