AutoSec 2020 Program (Pacific Time 9:00 - 13:00)

9:00 - 9:10 Session 1: Welcome to AutoSec 2020 and Awards

9:10 - 9:50 Session 2: Keynote Speech
Dr. Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech)

9:50 - 10:00 Virtual Mingle + Break

10:00 - 11:00 Session 3: Spoofing Attack Detection and Prevention
CVShield: Guarding Sensor Data in Connected Vehicle with Trusted Execution Environment
Shengtuo Hu (University of Michigan), Qi Alfred Chen (UC Irvine), Jiwon Joung, Can Carlak, Yiheng Feng, Z. Morley Mao, and Henry X. Liu (University of Michigan)
Best Paper Award!

Secure Traffic Lights: Replay Attack Detection for Model-based Smart Traffic Controllers
Pratham Oza, Mahsa Foruhandeh, Ryan Gerdes, and Thidapat Chantem (Virginia Tech)
On the Efficacy of Model-Based Attack Detectors for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Ian Garrett and Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech)

11:00 - 11:10 Virtual Mingle + Break

11:10 - 12:10 Session 4: New Automotive/Transportation Attack Surface
Linear-Quadratic Game Theoretic Analysis for Securing Battery Management Power Converter Systems
Patrick Gu and Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech)
Best Paper Award!

Ransomware Targeting Automobiles
Pranshu Bajpai, Richard Enbody, and Betty Hc Cheng (Michigan State University)
Security and Privacy Challenges in Upcoming Intelligent Urban Micromobility Transportation Systems
Nisha Vinayaga-Sureshkanth, Raveen Wijewickrama, Anindya Maiti, and Murtuza Jadliwala (University of Texas at San Antonio)

12:10 - 12:20 Virual Mingle + Break

12:20 - 13:00 Session 5: Miscellaneous
Towards Effective Identification and Rating of Automotive Vulnerabilities
Pranshu Bajpai and Richard Enbody (Michigan State University)

Towards Minimizing MAC Utilization for Controller Area Network
Ryo Kurachi, Hiroaki Takada (Nagoya University), Hiroshi Ueda, and Hiroshi Ueda (AutoNetworks Technologies)

Instructions for Presenters

Presentations: Authors are required to record videos of their presentations prior to the conference. Videos are due Monday, Aug 3rd, 2020.

Authors must prepare a video of 10–12 minutes in length. This video will be played live for you by the our staff during the event at your designated talk time slot of the program (and will be followed by a 8 mins discussion session that authors will participate live).

Video format: H.264 MP4 file format, 1080p preferred, 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, 500MB max file size, Clear audio (headphones and headsets are permitted). The following file naming convention, wherein [lastname] is the last name of the primary author of the paper: autosec20_video_[lastname].mp4.