ACM Workshop on Automotive Cybersecurity (AutoSec)

We solicit unpublished research papers, both regular (6 pages max) and short position (4 pages max) papers, that address the latest practices, experiences, and lessons learned on Automotive Cybersecurity. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • ECU security and forensics
  • Firmware security and forensics
  • Automotive embedded system security and forensics
  • Autonomous vehicle system security
  • Electric vehicle system security
  • Connected vehicle system security
  • Medium and heavy duty vehicle system security
  • Intelligent transportation system security
  • Automotive sensor security
  • Infotainment system security
  • In-vehicle network security
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle network security
  • Platooning security
  • Charging infrastructure security
  • Automotive supply chain security
  • Automotive cybersecurity testbed construction
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Driver and passenger privacy

Proposed Workshop Structure
Keynote Speech and a Panel
Presentations 20 minutes each – we expect about 12 full/short papers.