Full Papers
Title Authors
Securing wireless neurostimulators Eduard Marin, Dave Singelee, Bohan Yang, Vladimir Volskiy, Guy Vandenbosch, Bart Nuttin and Bart Prenee
Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Malicious Domain Detection with High Accuracy and Coverage Ting Yu, Bei Guan, Issa Khalil and Mohamed Yoosuf Mohamed Nabeel
Beyond Precision and Recall: Understanding Uses (and Misuses) of Similarity Hashes in Binary Analysis Fabio Pagani, Matteo Dell'Amico and Davide Balzarotti
Minimizing Privilege Assignment Errors in Cloud Services Matthew Sanders and Chuan Yue
From Debugging-Information Based Binary-Level Type Inference to CFG Generation Dongrui Zeng and Gang Tan
A Multi-Enterprise Containerization Approach With An Interoperable Position-Based System Oyindamola Oluwatimi and Elisa Bertino
Secure Storage with Replication and Transparent Deduplication Iraklis Leontiadis and Reza Curtmola
DIALERAUTH: A Motion-assisted Touch-based Smartphone User Authentication Scheme Attaullah Buriro, Bruno Crispo, Sandeep Gupta and Filippo Del Frari
Server-Based Manipulation Attacks Against Machine Learning Models Cong Liao, Haoti Zhong, Sencun Zhu and Anna Squicciarini
Remote Attestation for Low-End Prover Devices with Post-Quantum Capabilities Xiruo Liu, Rafael Misoczki and Manoj R. Sastry
Secure, Consistent, and High-Performance Memory Snapshotting Guilherme Cox, Zi Yan, Abhishek Bhattacharjee and Vinod Ganapathy
SecuPAN: A Security Scheme to Mitigate Fragmentation-Based Network Attacks in 6LoWPAN Mahmud Hossain, Yasser Karim and Ragib Hasan
Access Control Model for Virtual Objects (Shadows) Communication for AWS Internet of Things Asma Alshehri, James Benson, Farhan Patwa and Ravi Sandhu
Privacy-Preserving Certification of Sustainability Metrics Cetin Sahin, Brandon Kuczenski, Omer Egecioglu and Amr El Abbadi
Private Finding Common Friends of Friends is Social Networks Dan Boneh, Yan Michalevsky, Marc Joye and Nicko van Someren
Cross-App Tracking via Nearby Bluetooth Low Energy Devices Aleksandra Korolova and Vinod Sharma
Capacity: an Abstract Model of Control over Personal Data Pablo Rauzy and Daniel Le Métayer
MASCAT: Preventing Microarchitectural Attacks before distribution Gorka Irazoqui, Thomas Eisenbarth and Berk Sunar
Hyperagents: Migrating Host Agents to the Hypervisor Micah Bushouse and Douglas Reeves
Denial of Engineering Operations Attacks in Industrial Control Systems Saranyan Senthivel, Shrey Dhungana, Hyunguk Yoo, Irfan Ahmed and Vassil Roussev
CacheShield: Detecting Cache Attacks through Self-Observation Samira Briongos, Gorka Irazoqui, Pedro Malagón and Thomas Eisenbarth
Authorship Attribution of Android Apps Hugo Gonzalez, Natalia Stakhanova and Ali A Ghorbani
Security Analysis of Relationship-Based Access Control Policies Amirreza Masoumzadeh
Forgetting with Puzzles: Using Cryptographic Puzzles to support Digital Forgetting Ghous Amjad, Muhammad Shujaat Mirza and Christina Pöpper
Short Papers
Title Authors
The Next Domino To Fall: Empirical Analysis of User Passwords across Online Services Chun Wang, Steve T.K. Jan, Hang Hu, Douglas Bossart and Gang Wang
Efficient Authorization of Graph Database Queries in an Attribute Supporting ReBAC Model Syed Zain Rizvi and Philip W. L. Fong
IoTVerif: An Automated Tool to Verify SSL/TLS Certificate Validation in Android MQTT Client Applications Khalid Alghamdi, Ali Alqazzaz, Anyi Liu and Hua Ming
SPEED: Secure Provable Erasure for Class-1 IoT Devices Mahmoud Ammar, Wilfried Daniels, Bruno Crispo and Danny Hughes
Identifying Relevant Information Cues for Vulnerability Assessment Using CVSS Luca Allodi, Sebastian Banescu, Henning Femmer and Kristian Beckers
Keyboard Emanations in Remote Voice Calls: Password Leakage and Noise(less) Masking Defenses S Abhishek Anand and Nitesh Saxena
Fidelius Charm: Isolating Unsafe Rust Code Hussain Almohri and David Evans
Malware Analysis of Imaged Binary Samples by Convolutional Neural Network with Attention Mechanism Hiromu Yakura, Shinnosuke Shinozaki, Reon Nishimura, Yoshihiro Oyama and Jun Sakuma
An Empirical Study on Online Price Differentiation Thomas Hupperich, Dennis Tatang, Nicolai Wilkop and Thorsten Holz
SCLib: A Practical and Lightweight Defense against Component Hijacking in Android Applications Daoyuan Wu, Yao Cheng, Debin Gao, Yingjiu Li and Robert H. Deng
SmartProvenance: A Distributed, Blockchain Based Data Provenance System Aravind Ramachandran and Murat Kantarcioglu
Automated Generation of Attack Graphs Using NVD M. Ugur Aksu, Kemal Bicakci, M. Hadi Dilek, Murat Ozbayoglu and E. Islam Tatlı