Title Authors
Comparative Privacy Analysis of Mobile Web Browsers Ahsan Zafar and Anupam Das.
(Dataset/Tool) Risk-Based Authentication for OpenStack: A Fully Functional Implementation and Guiding Example Vincent Unsel, Stephan Wiefling, Nils Gruschka and Luigi Lo Iacono.
(Dataset/Tool) Realistic ABAC Data Generation using Conditional Tabular GAN Ritwik Rai and Shamik Sural.
CloudShield: Real-time Anomaly Detection in the Cloud Zecheng He, Guangyuan Hu and Ruby Lee.
Users Really Do Respond To Smishing Md Lutfor Rahman, Daniel Timko, Hamid Wali and Ajaya Neupane.
FLAP - A Federated Learning Framework for Attribute-based Access Control Policies Amani Abu Jabal, Elisa Bertino, Jorge Lobo, Dinesh Verma, Seraphin Calo and Alessandra Russo.
A User Study of Keystroke Dynamics as Second Factor in Web MFA Ahmed Wahab, Daqing Hou and Stephanie Schuckers.
A Tenant-based Two-stage Approach to Auditing the Integrity of Virtual Network Function Chains Hosted on Third-Party Clouds Momen Oqaily, Suryadipta Majumdar, Lingyu Wang, Mohammad Ekramul Kabir, Yosr Jarraya, A S M Asadujjaman, Makan Pourzandi and Mourad Debbabi.
Velocity-Aware Geo-Indistinguishability Ricardo Mendes, Mariana Cunha and Joao P. Vilela.
IdDecoder: A Face Embedding Inversion Tool and its Privacy and Security Implications on Facial Recognition Systems Minh-Ha Le and Niklas Carlsson.
HAT: Secure and Practical Key Establishment for Implantable Medical Devices Sayon Duttagupta, Eduard Marin, Dave Singelee and Bart Preneel.
Role Models: Role-based Debloating for Web Applications Babak Amin Azad and Nick Nikiforakis.
Confidential Execution of Deep Learning Inference at the Untrusted Edge with ARM TrustZone Md Shihabul Islam, Mahmoud Zamani, Chung Hwan Kim, Latifur Khan and Kevin Hamlen.
Infotainment System Matters: Understanding the Impact and Implications of In-Vehicle Infotainment System Hacking with Automotive Grade Linux Seonghoon Jeong, Minsoo Ryu, Hyunjae Kang and Huy Kang Kim.
(Dataset/Tool) All Your IoT Devices Are Belong to Us: Security Weaknesses in IoT Management Platforms Bhaskar Tejaswi, Mohammad Mannan and Amr Youssef.
Anonymous System for Fully Distributed and Robust Secure Multi-Party Computation Andreas Klinger, Felix Battermann and Ulrike Meyer.
SCAtt-man: Side-Channel-Based Remote Attestation for Embedded Devices that Users Understand Sebastian Surminski, Christian Niesler, Sebastian Linsner, Lucas Davi and Christian Reuter.
Attribute Inference Attacks in Online Multiplayer Video Games: a Case Study on Dota2 Pier Paolo Tricomi, Lisa Facciolo, Giovanni Apruzzese and Mauro Conti.
Privacy Preserving Fully Online Matching with Deadlines Andreas Klinger and Ulrike Meyer.
(Dataset/Tool) Multi-Modality Mobile Datasets for Behavioral Biometrics Research Aratrika Ray-Dowling, Ahmed Anu Wahab, Daqing Hou and Stephanie Schuckers.
Overcoming the Pitfalls of HPC-based Cryptojacking Detection in Presence of GPUs Claudius Pott, Berk Gulmezoglu and Thomas Eisenbarth.
Grote: Group Testing for Privacy-Preserving Face Identification Alberto Ibarrondo, Hervé Chabanne, Vincent Despiegel and Melek Önen.
Detecting Backdoors in Collaboration Graphs of Software Repositories Tom Ganz, Inaam Ashraf, Martin Härterich and Konrad Rieck. 
AutoSpill: Credential Leakage from Mobile Password Managers Ankit Gangwal, Shubham Singh and Abhijeet Srivastava.
Protecting Encrypted Virtual Machines from Nested Page Fault Controlled Channel Haoxiang Qin, Zhenyu Song, Weijuan Zhang, Sicong Huang, Wentao Yao, Ge Liu, Xiaoqi Jia and Haichao Du.