Title Authors
Using Adversarial Defences Against Image Classification CAPTCHA Li Qun Shawn Chua, Kai Yuan Tay, Wan Jun Melissa Chua and Vivek Balachandran
Disclosure Risk from Homogeneity Attack in Differentially Private Release of Frequency Distribution Fang Liu and Xingyuan Zhao
A New Bound for Privacy Loss of Bayesian Posterior Sampling Xingyuan Zhao and Fang Liu
Poisoning Attacks against Feature-Based Image Classification Robin Mayerhofer and Rudolf Mayer
Towards Robust Detection of PDF-based Malware Kai Yuan Tay, Li Qun Shawn Chua, Wan Jun Melissa Chua and Vivek Balachandran
kTRACKER: Passively Tracking KRACK using ML Model Anand Agrawal, Urbi Chatterjee and Rajib Ranjan Maiti
I Don’t Know Why You Need My Data: A Case Study of Popular Social Media Privacy Policies Elizabeth Miller, Md Rashedur Rahman, Moinul Hossain and Aisha Ali-Gombe
Demystifying Video Traffic from IoT (Spy) Camera using Undecrypted Network Traffic Priyanka Rushikesh Chaudhary, Avinash Narasimhan and Rajib Ranjan Maiti
Transforming Memory Image to Sound Wave Signals for an Effective IoT Fingerprinting Ramyapandian Vijayakanthan, Irfan Ahmed and Aisha Ali-Gombe
Qubit Reset and Refresh: A Game Changer for Random Number Generation Julie Germain, Ram Dantu and Mark Thompson
Does Deception Leave a Content Independent Stylistic Trace? Victor Zeng, Xuting Liu and Rakesh Verma
Macro-level Inference in Collaborative Learning Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Ekelhart
MK-RS-PKE: Multi-Keyword Ranked Searchable Public-Key Encryption for Cloud-Assisted Lightweight Platforms Israt Jahan Mouri, Muhammad Ridowan and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan